Johnny Depp Impersonator - Johnny Depp Impersonator
Johnny Depp Impersonator

As Johnny and Vanessa

In the strange world of show business, it's not surprising that I met my beautiful girlfriend on an impersonator job. Of course, the odd thing about all of this is that I completely fell in love with an impersonator for Johnny Depp's girlfriend. It was never planned or orchestrated, it just happened. When I first met her, it never dawned on me, nor did I care, that Claire resembled Vanessa Paradis. In fact, she was doing a tribute to Kylie Minogue at the time. I'll admit, it is a bit weird, even to us. I'm sure there will be skeptics saying that it's all being done for publicity or attention. I think these photos clearly show otherwise. -Danny

Photos By Dale Corcoran

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