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Johnny Depp Impersonator

Barnabas Collins

I only had a few photos of Johnny as Barnabas Collins when I shot my vampire tribute pictures last year. I am a long time and die hard fan of the original series "Dark Shadows". With so few photos available, I decided to try to go more for Jonathan Frid's original look. I was thrilled with the pictures because I think they turned out to be a mixture of the two Barnabas (Johnny's and Jonathan's), which is what I set out to do. Much of the credit goes to my girlfriend Claire who did a wonderful make up job with only the two photos available to her. I loved doing this character so much that Claire had a tough time getting me out of the make up and costume. The movie ranks as one of my favorites by Tim and Johnny and I hope there's a sequel. Playing a vampire is like typecasting for me. Bloody Marys, anyone? -Danny

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