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Shopping for a Celebrity Impersonator? Read This First..

As with any profession, there are excellent, average, and bad impersonators. It's important to do your homework when hiring a celebrity look-alike for your important event.

When selecting an impersonator for your function, you want to have the best look-alike and the most personable, professional actor possible. In a slow economy and with a huge influx of new impersonators on the market, it's important to call around and research the performer you are hiring. The most important consideration is to beware of misleading information and especially, doctored photos. We have heard many stories of clients being very disappointed when the impersonator they hire shows up and looks nothing like the pictures that are presented online.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a professional celebrity impersonator for your event.

Photos are extremely important. Always ask the agent or impersonator for close-up and profile photos of the impersonator's FACE. Look for signs of photo shop and check to see if the impersonator's photos differ from each other. Studio shots are often Photoshopped. If an impersonator is truly a great look-alike, they will have several dozen photos on their web sites in various looks to their celebrity. Candid pictures are the best to determine what an impersonator looks like normally. An impersonator who lists very few pictures of themselves, or only studio shots is most likely hiding something. It's also a good idea to view high resolution video of the performer. Also, ask for full body shots and compare the impersonator's pictures to that of the real celebrity. Keep in mind that being a dead ringer for a celebrity doesn't necessarily mean an impersonator is going to be a great actor. That's why it's always good to ask for........

Testimonials Look for written testimonials by the clients who have hired the impersonator. If a client is truly happy, they will usually write letters of thanks to the performer or his or her agency. It also doesn't hurt to verify information and quotes from various sources if an impersonator claims they have worked for a certain company or are a member of a union. Always ask for a resume', bio and credentials. Anyone can say they are in Equity or have worked for so and so. It never hurts to ask for a performer's documentation, written testimonials, or union affiliation. Contacting a company to verify the impersonator's look, attitude and performance is always a good idea.

False Claims It is also very important to BEWARE of fabrications, exaggerations or outright lies made by agents or impersonators. There are some unscrupulous celebrity impersonators out there who claim to be their actor's "official" movie double which is absolutely not true.

95% of Hollywood's actors do NOT have an official movie double, and in fact, movie companies use hundreds of stand-ins and photo doubles depending on what country or location a film is shooting in. Almost all are hired by EXTRA agencies.

There are many film extras out there claiming to be the official doubles for their respective actor. It's an ongoing problem in the impersonator world.

It's the equivalent of being one of a hundred extras on Star Wars and then claiming to work for George Lucas.

If an impersonator claims to be a celebrity's double, ask for a photo of the two of them together, in costume, on one of the dozens of film sets that they have supposedly worked on.

Surely, if any of it were true, they would have at least one photo together with the celebrity they claim to have doubled for.

All of this information can be verified by contacting the Screen Actors Guild, or Actor's Equity Association .

If at all possible, speak to the performer . We recommend it. A good agent will not mind a prospective client talking to the impersonator directly. Asking questions and knowing what you are getting for your money is always a good idea. Ask the impersonator direct questions about their look, experience, and credentials. Also, if a performer can't hold your attention on the phone for 5 minutes, it's most likely they are not going to be very good at entertaining your co-workers or customers for several hours.

Do your homework. Grill the agent or agency about their impersonators. It never hurts to call around, Google or ask questions about the performer. Listen carefully to a person's voice or manner when you are asking questions about an impersonator's abilities. If you want a truly exceptional look-alike/actor for your event, choose a performer based on the above criteria and you will be a happy camper. Be careful about shopping for a deal. You don't want an impersonator showing up and then asking them why they are there.

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. This is very true in the impersonator world.


1) Aside from the dozens of jobs Danny gets in the USA, his Johnny Depp tribute is also in high demand in many other countries around the world.

As one of the planet's elite celebrity impersonators, Danny has worked in TWENTY different countries on FOUR continents in the past 5 years. A true sign to an outstanding look-alike is the amount of work a performer gets overseas. Only a handful impersonation acts travel outside of America as much as Danny. His Depp tribute is highly regarded around the world.

2) It is well known in the entertainment business that Danny's resemblance to actor Johnny Depp is considered the closest. There are several HUNDRED photos of Danny on this site. What you see here is what you get. No photo shop or tricks. Danny's spot-on resemblance to Johnny is the real deal.

3) Danny is also the only impersonator in the world who can pull off every single one of Johnny Depp's movie characters. It's a known fact that it's fairly easy to pull off the Pirate character with all the heavy make up and costume accessories, how many other Johnny Depp impersonators can pull off John Dillinger, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, or Edward Scissorhands convincingly?

Danny's tributes to all of Johnny Depp's famous movie characters has no equal. Aside from the stunning resemblance, Danny is an award winning actor with 25 years experience in film, television and stage. This makes Danny the perfect choice to bring those wonderful characters to life at your event!

4) Danny is by far, the most famous Johnny Doppelganger in the media. Along with his three appearances on "The Maury Povich Show", Danny has appeared on several different TV shows including network programs such as "Family Feud", "TMZ", and "Entertainment Tonight". Danny was also chosen to appear as Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter for Avril LaVigne's video "Alice" for the motion picture soundtrack for the "Alice in Wonderland" movie. That is DANNY appearing onscreen in the video, not Johnny Depp. Danny has also recently appeared as a lead in the movie "Eldorado", starring David Carradine and Peter O' Toole. Danny only appears in featured roles. He does not do stand-in or extra work. Danny has also appeared in several print ads and commercials all over the world. When choosing a celebrity impersonator, it's always important to hire an actor with impressive credits and credentials.

5) Danny has received more international press than most celebrity impersonators. He has been featured in several dozen publications all around the world including articles in the LA and NY Times, The London Daily Mail and FHM magazine. Danny averages two to three stories written on him a month. Very impressive.

6) Danny has several excellent testimonials from the world's biggest corporate companies, advertisers, and talent agencies. He has never had a bad review. Check out his dozens of testimonials on our press page here at JDI.

7) Danny often works with many of the first class elite impersonators. He works well with his fellow impersonators and is considered one of the best impersonators to work with by his fellow Doppelgangers. If the budget is there, Danny is always chosen first to represent Johnny Depp at events all over the world.

8) Not only is Danny recognized as the World's #1 Johnny Depp Tribute, he has the best talent agencies from all over the world representing him. This ensures an easy, hassle free, professional way of getting Danny's services without any problems.

9) Danny has had to learn to live with the constant reminders that he looks like actor Johnny Depp, but, the most impressive testimonial to his resemblance is that he has fooled Johnny's co-stars, friends and family members. Orlando Bloom, Christopher Lee and President Bill Clinton, among others believed that Danny was actually Johnny. You can't ask for much more than that!

10) In the strange world of show business, it's only natural that Danny's girlfriend, Claire Renvoize, is the world's best impersonator to Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp's real-life partner. The two work together exclusively in Europe, and turn heads wherever they go. Not planned or fake, they are an actual couple.

As Carla Brown, a corporate executive for Sue Bee Honey in Iowa, recently said: "There are guys in pirate costumes, and then there's Johnny Depp's clone Danny Lopez".

So, which Johnny Depp impersonator would you like to have at your event?


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